Learn how AI recommendation systems work within minutes instead of days, weeks, or months.
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Learn how AI recommendation systems can grow your business.

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Learn how AI recommendation systems can improve your product.

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Learn how AI recommendation systems can fit into your architecture.

You will love it because you will get

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Data Richness Score

Receive instant data richness score that tells you whether your data is feasible for AI or not.

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Data Insights Report

Get automatic data insights report that helps you understand your data.

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AI Model

Iterate fast on multiple models to get the best model that fits your need.

How it works?

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No Coding Required.

It’s a great way for Non-AI engineers such as product managers, software engineers, execs to learn, build, and test AI recommendation systems.


Step by step process.

Simplifies steps without exposing the complex technical details of the machine learning.

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Movie recommendation result example

Like playing with Legos.

It's almost zero learning curve. You have to do nothing more than click and choose.

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