Amazon Recommender Dataset (Product Reviews)

This dataset contains product reviews and metadata from This dataset includes reviews (ratings, text, helpfulness votes), product metadata (descriptions, category information, price, brand, and image features), and links (also viewed/also bought graphs).

Feedback type: Explicit

Rating scale: 1 to 5

Dataset Link

Date Range

May 1996 - Oct 2018

Data Size

Raw review data: 34Gb

Product metadata: 24GB

Ratings only: 6.7GB

Basic Statistics

No. of users: 21 million

No. of products: 15.5 million

No. of reviews: 233.1 million

Retail Rocket Dataset

The dataset consists of three files: Behaviour data (events.csv), Item properties (itemproperties.сsv) and Category tree (categorytree.сsv).

The data has been collected from a real-world ecommerce website. It is raw data, i.e. without any content transformations, however, all values are hashed due to confidential issues.

The behaviour data, i.e. events like clicks, add to carts, transactions, represent interactions that were collected over a period of 4.5 months. A visitor can make three types of events, namely view, addtocart or transaction.

Feedback Type: Implicit (view, addtocart, transaction)

Dataset Link

Date Range

June 2, 2015 - August 1, 2015

Data Size

Raw events data: 89.87 MB

Product metadata: 851.87 MB

Category tree: 14 KB

Basic Statistics

No. of users: 1.41 million

No. of products: 417k

No. of events: 2.75 million

Epinions Dataset

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