Steam Video Games Dataset 

Steam is the world's most popular PC Gaming hub, with over 6,000 games and a community of millions of gamers. With a massive collection that includes everything from AAA blockbusters to small indie titles, great discovery tools are a highly valuable asset for Steam. How can we make them better?

This dataset is a list of user behaviors. The behaviors included are 'purchase' and 'play'. The value indicates the degree to which the behavior was performed - in the case of 'purchase' the value is always 1, and in the case of 'play' the value represents the number of hours the user has played the game.

Feedback type: Implicit (purchase and play count) 

Dataset Link: 

Date Range


Data Size

8.5 MB

Basic Statistics

No. of users:  12k

No. of games: 5k 

No. of purchases: 130k 

No. of plays: 70k

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