Entree Chicago Dataset

This data records interactions with Entree Chicago restaurant recommendation system The data is organized into files roughly spanning a quarter year -- with Q3 1996 and Q2 1999 each only containing one month. 

Each line in a session file represents a session of user interaction with the system.

Feedback type:


Dataset Link:


Date Range

September 1996 - April 1999.

Data Size

Total dataset: 3.7 MB

Basic Statistics

No. of users: 1.9k 

No. of artists: 17.6k

No. of listens: 92.8k

RateBeer Reviews Dataset

This dataset consists of beer reviews from ratebeer. The data span a period of more than 10 years, including all ~3 million reviews up to November 2011. Each review includes ratings in terms of five "aspects": appearance, aroma, palate, taste, and overall impression. 

Reviews include product and user information, followed by each of these five ratings, and a plaintext review.

The dataset was removed as requested by RateBeer. Contact Joe Tucker if you are interested in using the data for research purposes!

Feedback type: Explicit + Implicit (user reviews)

Rating scale: 0 to 5

Dataset Link:

Date Range

April 2000 - Nov 2011

Data Size


Basic Statistics

No. of users: 40.2k

No. of beers: 110k

No. of reviews: 2.9 million 


Wine Reviews Dataset

The data was scraped from WineEnthusiast. The publisher has collected the title of each review, which you can parse the year out of, the tasters name, and the taster's Twitter handle. 

Feedback type: Implicit (user reviews)

Dataset Link:


Date Range

Nov 2017

Data Size

173.54 MB

Basic Statistics

No. of tasters: 19 

No. of wines: 118k

No. of reviews: 130k

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